SharePoint Design in Five Minutes

You can now download my free SharePoint theme, Medazio, on We’re still working on cleaning up the site while it’s in “draft” version, but feel free to sign up, browse a couple of the themes that we’ve uploaded, post your amazing SharePoint spotlights, and give us feedback on the design, navigation, and functionality in the site.

Update 8/17/2011: The “Medazio” theme can now be downloaded directly from

The Video

While building the Medazio theme, I recorded over 11 hours of video in order to document the entire SharePoint design and customization process. From creative sketching to design in Photoshop to actual coding of CSS and HTML in SharePoint Designer 2010, you can see the entire project from start to finish, compressed into about five minutes of rapid SharePoint Design fury. Check out the video, download the theme, and see first-hand how SharePoint is truly a viable and impressive publishing platform for your design-savvy projects.