Design Patterns in SharePoint

Last week, I was happy to present at SusQtech’s “30 on Thursdays” weekly webinar event.  This is a great series of free webinars from some talented speakers, and the succinct format is a great opportunity to learn something new without a huge investment of your time.

My topic was Design Patterns in SharePoint, which is an introduction to the concept of design patterns, and how to apply them to your SharePoint environment.  Luck you, we have been recording these webinars, and they’re freely available on our website. Feel free to view the webinar video below, and check out the webinar archive for any and all webinars that we’ve recorded in the past.

As mentioned in the video, I will be teaching a SharePoint design class in the Netherlands starting on March 22.  If you are looking for design training and can make it to the class, please feel free to sign up.