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Introducing SharePoint Engineer

In this introduction to SharePoint Engineer, author Kyle Schaeffer demonstrates the basic features of the application and provides insight into the driving force behind Engineer’s creation. Continue reading…


The designer in me seems to live in a perpetual state where I regard my six-months-previous-self as an “idiot,” and I think that the latest and greatest design I’ve just come up with is the best thing since sliced bread. Welcome…this is my latest and greatest design. I’m sure I’ll hate the high-contrast and dark background in another six months, but I’m digging it for now. Let me know what you think. I’ve been playing around with typography quite a bit lately, and I have to say that I’m starting to enjoy this new “type is coming to the web” phenomenon quite a bit. I got an idea in my head this evening and went from concept to complete WordPress theme in about three hours. Gotta love that WordPress…


I am pleased to announce the launch of my latest project, The Peev is a quick and dirty WordPress site designed for the sole purpose of serving as my personal artistic outlet. I’m posting doodles and sketches regarding all the things in life that may or may not bother you. I had a lot of fun creating the site, which came together nicely from concept to complete in less than eight hours of work. What’s your pet peeve? Visit and let me know.

Did You Notice?

I updated the site’s theme a bit to add some “fresh.” Please give me a bit of time to go through some of my older posts and clean them up for a better display. I’m trying to be very good and do things like add <acronym/> tags and <code/> tags to my posts. Ooh, how very accessible of me. My SEO senses are tingling. More tutorials and other goodies coming very soon.

Portfolio Additions

I’m constantly creating new designs, either for work or for fun, so periodically I try to update my portfolio to include the latest and greatest. Check out the newest additions and please let me know what you think!


After many months of diligent design, testing, and development, I have finally reached the first major release of my latest project, You may have seen the design for this site on my portfolio page for quite some time now. This creative design has finally become a reality! Continue reading…


This is a paper that I had to write for a psychology class that I’m currently taking.  I had fun in writing it, so I figured that I would share it with more than just my professor.  Without further adieu… Continue reading…

New Server, New Theme

In the process of moving my blog to a new web server, I decided to take this opportunity to create a new theme for the site. The theme changes depending on what time of day or time of the year that you visit, so check back often! I’ll continue to add little customizations for holidays, special occasions, etc. (what a wonderful use of my time it is to create little meaningless PNG images). Let me know what you think.

The Shepherd

Ian had been looking forward to coming in to town on this early Friday morning. Now, hustling down the paved walkway of Midland Avenue, he wondered why he looked forward to such errands. If there was one thing he didn’t like, it was forcing a false bond with people he didn’t know, and frankly didn’t care about. He was polite and respectful of other people, but when it came to shallow conversations about the world, he simply wasn’t interested. It was an arduous task in such a small community to avoid these conversations, when everyone seemed to want to know his name and what he “did” for a living. What does anyone do for a living? Continue reading…