Join me for Advanced SharePoint Design

On January 23-26, 2012, I’ll be instructing a class that focuses on the more advanced strategies behind applying style and branding to a SharePoint 2010 website. This isn’t your average SharePoint training class: we’ll cover topics like improving the SharePoint user experience, creative design for the SharePoint platform, and implementation strategy for making your creative designs come to life. Over four days, we’ll learn how to bend the rules in SharePoint to make it a truly limitless platform for customization.

I’ve been working with SharePoint for a long time now, and going beyond the basics is a challenging barrier to overcome. Many of the free online resources pertaining to SharePoint customization (and many of the paid ones) only cover the most simple of changes that you can make to your design. Learning how to implement a more comprehensive design is difficult, to say the least. In this new class, we are taking these advanced techniques head-on, and we’ll show you how to implement awesome changes like responsive layouts, comprehensive themes, and amazing enhancements using jQuery.

At least some experience with SharePoint customization, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are highly recommended: we’ll be diving head-on into the world of SharePoint design. For more information, you can read all about the upcoming class here:


SharePoint Saturday: Virginia Beach

Can’t make it to the class in January? You’ll also see me speaking at the free SharePoint Saturday event at Virginia Beach on January 7, 2012.  I’ll be doing two sessions at this event: “SharePoint Goes Mobile” and “HTML5 & CSS3: What about SharePoint?”


  1. Nico de Jong says:

    Washington is a bit out of the way – what about Amsterdam, the Netherlands next time?
    How many students do you need to make that possible?

    • Kyle says:

      Nico, Amsterdam sounds great! We’ve never done training overseas, but we’d probably need a good 10-20 participants to make it happen.

    • Ernst Wolthaus says:

      I definitely would be interested in this class if given in Amsterdam (or anywhere near the Netherlands)!

      • Anderson says:

        Good points Joern. Hmm. In the srpiit of Don’t Make Me Think , the user has to think:1. I want to paste text, where do I click? (think-move-click)2. Now I want to click special because that is where the text-only option is, where is that? (think-move-click)3. Now where is that text-only version? (think-move-click)As opposed to:1. I want to paste text, where do I click? (think-move-click)2. Now where is that text-only version? (think-move-click)And since the second #2 is so close, you have to think alot less. It’s absolutely more optimal and the click is not strong enough to describe it.It’s less thinking, less moving, less clicking. Less TMC?

  2. Ehsan says:

    Thanks a lot
    that was very useful

  3. Nicole says:


    Do you have a more detailed Agenda or Syllabus for SharePoint Designer 2010 Styling and Branding Week?
    Trying to decide on full week vs the later 2 days (Days 3 & 4). Thanks!

  4. Brendon says:

    Hi Kyle,
    What are your thought on a css-zengarden approach to sharepoint branding? Where the ‘zen-garden’ masterpage is never modified but the rebranding is accomplished only with additional css and js files?
    In your experience, would this be possible.

    Also… love your work!